Clearlane is an online marketplace that connects customers with auto financing — meaning that it doesn’t provide the loans itself. It offers competitive rates with relatively low requirements, making it a solid option for people who might have trouble getting a bank loan. Get quick quotes, wholesale rates, a range of financing options and your own personal financing consultant.

Benefit of Clearlane’s products:
1. No SSN or hard pull to prequalify. Pre-qualify with no impact to your credit score. No hard inquiry until you decide to move forward with your financing.
2. Negotiating power. An advantage of matching services is that you could qualify for a lower rate than you’d find on your own.
3. Wide variety of loans. Get quick, easy access to a variety of national and regional financing programs through our network of finance institutions.

Loan Features

Clearlane provides its customers with the following products:

Car purchase loans. Apply for a term loans for new or used cars directly from your dealership.
Car refinance loans. Save on your existing car loan by trading it in for one with better rates and terms.
Lease buyouts. Get help to pay for the balloon fee that comes at the end of a lease if you decide to buy your car.
Private-party purchases. Look into financing to buy a car from a private individual, instead of a dealer.

Application Process

See if you pre-qualify, discuss your needs with our team, choose a loan option, and get a decision from your chosen lender. No credit score impact!

1. Fill in your basic information to see if you pre-qualify through our multi-lender network
2. If you pre-qualify, choose an offer and submit your application to the lender
3. Upload the documents the lender needs to review and verify your application
4. Sign and return your new loan documents to complete the refinancing of your loan

Repayment Terms

Min Loan Amount $1,000
Min APR From 2.84%
Loan Term 3-7 years

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. Monthly payment is $17.92 for 60 months for every $1,000 you finance at an example down payment of 0%. Advertised APR based on actual rates received by consumers on loans closed over the past 90 days and assumes excellent borrower credit. Click here for more details. Approximately 20% of borrowers have excellent credit. Subject to credit approval. Your rate could be higher based on your credit history, approved loan amount, term, state of residence and other conditions.

Customer Support

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm Pacific Time
Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific Time

(866)677 8630

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