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JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., doing business as Chase Bank, is a national bank headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, that constitutes the consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of the U.S. multinational banking and financial services holding company, JPMorgan Chase & Co. The bank was known as Chase Manhattan Bank until it merged with J.P. Morgan & Co. in 2000. Chase Manhattan Bank was formed by the merger of the Chase National Bank and The Manhattan Company in 1955. The bank has been headquartered in Columbus, Ohio since its merger with Bank One Corporation in 2004. The bank acquired the deposits and most assets of Washington Mutual.

Chase offers more than 5,100 branches and 16,000 ATMs nationwide. JPMorgan Chase & Co. has 250,355 employees (as of 2016) and operates in more than 100 countries. JPMorgan Chase & Co. had assets of US$2.49 trillion in 2016. JPMorgan Chase, through its Chase subsidiary, is one of the Big Four banks of the United States.

Loan Features

Chase Bank offers the following loan products:
Auto Loans
Get approved for your next auto loan, head to the dealer for the test drive and shop with confidence. Use the auto loan calculator for estimated rates and payments.

Auto Refinance
Lower your monthly car payment and refinance your existing auto loan through Chase. Use the payment calculator to estimate your monthly payment. See if auto refinancing is right for you.

Home Lending
Chase has mortgage to purchase a new home or to refinanceto learn more about mortgage refinance an existing one. Our home equity line of creditto learn more about mortgage our Home Equity Line of Credit let’s you use a home’s equity to pay for home improvements or other expenses

Whether you’re determining how much house I can afford, estimating your monthly payment with our mortgage calculatorto go to the mortgage calculator, or looking to prequalify for a mortgageto learn more about how to prequalify for a mortgage, we can help you at any part of the home buying process. View our current mortgage ratesto learn more about our current mortgage rates.

Refinancing your existing mortgage to lower your monthly payments, pay off your loan sooner, or access cashto learn more about accessing cash for a large purchase. Use our home value estimatorto our tools and resources to estimate the current value of your home. View our current refinance ratesto learn more about our current mortgage rates.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
With a Chase home equity line of credit (HELOC), you can use your home’s equity for home improvements, debt consolidation or other expenses. Before you applyto learn more about applying, view our home equity ratesto learn more about our home equity rates, check your eligibility and use our HELOC calculatorto visit our HELOC calculator plus other tools.

Business Credit & Debit Cards
Find and apply for the Ink business credit card best suited for your business needs. Compare the benefits of the Ink Cash and Ink Plus business credit cards business credit card. More convenient than cash and checks to make purchases—money is deducted right from your business checking account. Make deposits and withdrawals at the ATM. Save time every month when you set up recurring payments with your business debit card business banking debit cards.

Commercial Banking
Commercial Banking commercial banking provides organizations with annual revenues generally ranging from $20 million to more than $2 billion—as well as real estate investors and owners—with a range of domestic and international financial solutions designed to help them achieve their business goals.

Line of Credit
Compare between Business and Commercial line of credit line of credit comparison options for your business’ working capital needs. Help manage cash flow fluctuations, expand into new markets, or finance accounts receivable.

Merchant services
As an industry leader in merchant services, we focus on being transparent and simple, so you can focus on your business.

Application Process

The process will vary slightly from loan to loan and usually consists of the following steps:

1. Log in and create a Chase online banking account.
2. Provide your personal contact information.
3. Describe the property and car you’re interested in financing or your business information, for a business loan.
4. Provide financial information that could include your annual income and other banking details.

Application Criteria:
Be at least 18 years old.
Have good to excellent credit.
Be a US citizen or permanent resident.

Repayment Terms

Annual Percentage Rates (APR) based on the selected dealer state and an estimated loan-to-value ratio of 100%. Loan details are estimates, based on the information you provided, and Chase does not guarantee the results or your ability to receive these terms.

Your application will be subject to credit approval by JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A, using your application and credit information. Additional terms and conditions apply, such as vehicle age and mileage. No down payment is required. APR is the cost of credit, expressed as a yearly rate. If you obtain financing from a dealer in OH or IN, then your APR will include a loan origination fee of $195, as part of the calculation of the cost of the credit, which will make the APR higher than the interest rate when you finance.

Additional terms and conditions apply, such as vehicle age and mileage. Annual Percentage Rates (APR) shown for Chase customer rate discounts include the maximum discount of 0.50%, as described below. Rates and discounts are subject to change at any time. Actual APR will be determined when you apply and will be based on your application and credit information. The APR shown in the chart is based on a loan amount of $23,000, a loan-to-value ratio of 95% for used vehicles, which is from the previous model year, and excellent borrower credit history (FICO® credit rating of 740 and above).

The Loan Calculator assumes 30 days in a month and a first payment scheduled 30 days after the start date of an auto loan to calculate a monthly loan payment example. Monthly payment amounts vary by loan term and rate. For example, the minimum payment is $418.41 over a 60 month loan at 3.5% APR. No down payment is required.

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