On the heels of the Great Recession, businesses around the country found themselves left behind. Commercial banks just weren’t lending, and when they were, the delays between application and funding were far too long.

So a group of financial experts, along with a few tech wizards, decided to take action. We engineered a technology that streamlined both approval and funding by getting a more complete financial picture at the beginning of the application process. The result was Currency, and since then we’ve helped support businesses with over $500 million in loans.

Loan Features

Currency Capital is a lending marketplace designed to connect borrowers with potential loan providers. It’s not a direct provider, but instead evaluates your business and potentially connects you with a suitable lender for your financial needs. Currency Capital provides business loans exclusively for equipment financing.

Currency Capital offers sizable equipment loans of up to $2 million in as little as 24 hours following application approval. This free service provides loan specialists to work with you one on one to secure the best rate and loan for your business. Unlike traditional loan providers, like financial institutions, the Currency Capital application process takes place entirely online, which is why it’s able to offer such quick funding turnaround.

Application Process

To apply for a loan with Currency Capital, go to its website or contact the company. A loan specialist from Currency Capital will contact you to continue the application process.

Currency Capital usually requires the following documents:
Proof of your Social Security number.
A void check from your business checking account.
Business bank statements from the previous three months.
Minimum personal credit score of 585
Revenue generating business that’s at least 6 months old
Annual revenue of $75,000+
Net loss no greater than 10% over the past 12 months

Because Currency Capital isn’t a direct lender, it can’t guarantee what loan fees could potentially be charged by your loan provider. In fact, some borrowers with this lender accuse Currency Capital of withdrawing hefty loan processing fees from their accounts before funding was even finalized.

Repayment Terms

Min Loan Amount $5,000
Max. Loan Amount $2,000,000
Min APR From 6–24%
Minimum Loan Term 1 year
Maximum Loan Term 5 years

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