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HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit federally insured financial cooperative owned and operated by our members. Chartered in 1936, we serve individuals in the field of education including employees, retirees, students and their parents of Oahu schools except secondary schools in Honolulu, as well as companies and associational groups.

At HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union, we are committed to providing “Life matters” moments and financial education to our members, staff, and community. We strive to provide the support and services you need to improve your financial situation and enable you to get the most out of membership. Our commitment is to you.

Loan Features

Home Equity Line of Credit
The hard work you’ve put into your home can result in equity that helps you to finance anything that matters to you. Our initial fixed-rate HELOCs provide you with funding that’s affordable and flexible so you can achieve more of your goals.

HawaiiUSA’s Home Equity Line of Credit1 is available on your owner-occupied property in Hawaii. Choose from three different terms, all with competitive fixed rates that will save you money. We’re committed to providing smart choices that allow you to benefit from the time and effort you’ve spent increasing your home’s value.

No annual fee
No prepayment penalty
No check-purchase fee
No points fee
Interest payments may be tax-deductible (please consult your tax advisor)

First-Time HomeBuyer Mortgage
With HawaiiUSA’s First-Time Homebuyer program, you’ll receive as much guidance as you need while finding a mortgage that fits your finances and lifestyle. Our friendly, knowledgeable mortgage experts are ready to serve you. This program is designed to help you with one of the biggest money decisions you’ll ever make. The mortgage experience can feel intimidating, but it helps to know you have the guidance of a trusted advisor. Our Mortgage Loan Officers provide you with know-how and tools to prepare you for your purchase:

First-Time Homebuyer mortgages are available to owner-occupants
As low as 3% down payment with mortgage insurance
Loan origination costs may be waived (certain requirements apply)
Flexible qualifying ratios and income limits
Reduced closing costs
Minimum cash reserves of 2 months PITI (Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance)
Available to owner-occupants
Opportunity to gain further discounts by completing First-Time Homebuyer education courses

First Mortgage Loan
If you’re looking for a great mortgage rate in Hawaii, consider a First Mortgage from HawaiiUSA. As a fiscally responsible mortgage lender, we offer a variety of home loan options to our members. We’d like to welcome you home!

With our competitive mortgage rates, you can save money each month that can be used to decorate your house and do everything else that matters to you. HawaiiUSA’s mortgage professionals will listen to your needs and find the product that fits you:

Use to purchase a home or refinance an existing mortgage at a lower rate
Choose from fixed and adjustable rates or various terms
Options include conventional mortgages as well as jumbo mortgages
Use our mortgage calculators to conduct research while making financial decisions
Consider our various loan protection services

Second Mortgage Loan
When you need a second mortgage on a property in Hawaii, you can trust HawaiiUSA to provide financially sound options. Whether you are building an extension, refinancing, or want to fund other goals in your life, we’re available to help.

HawaiiUSA’s mortgage professionals guide you along every step toward obtaining a Second Mortgage. We’ll work with you so you understand your options and receive the home financing you need at a competitive fixed rate:

No points fee
No prepayment penalty
Fixed rates available
Up to 90% combined loan-to-value financing
Use our mortgage calculators to conduct research while making financial decisions
Consider our various loan protection services

Auto Loans
When you need to buy a vehicle, we’re here to provide the solid financing options with new and used car loans. We make it as easy as possible for you to get the funds you need so you can purchase your ideal vehicle and save money while you borrow.

New and Used Car Loan
In the market for a new or used vehicle? HawaiiUSA offers the car loan options that will save you time and money when you make your next purchase. If you want to refinance a car loan to a lower rate, we can help you with that, too.

Whether you are purchasing a new or used vehicle from a car dealership, or a pre-owned vehicle from a private party, HawaiiUSA can give you a car loan that fits your finances. You can also use our car-buying calculators to research your options, and see the additional car loan protection we provide.

Loans for New Vehicles:
Loans available for current and previous year’s models
Finance up to 100% of purchase price
Fixed-rate terms available up to 60 months, in most cases
Terms available up to 84 months under certain conditions
No pre-payment penalty
Level Up to a better interest rate when you make your monthly payments on time

Loans for Used Vehicles:
Up to 100% financing available for vehicles listed in Kelley Blue Book
Use to refinance an existing car loan and save money
Certain restrictions apply based on condition of the vehicle
Level Up to a better interest rate when you make your monthly payments on time

First-Time Car Buyer Loan
Get a loan custom made for new drivers, no matter your credit score. You’ll be behind the wheel faster with online approval or an in-branch visit. Your first car isn’t just four tires and some metal, it’s an extension of who you are. That’s why you need a loan that fits your personality, as well as your budget. Our first time low-rate loan is great whether you want to arrive in style, or you just got your first job and need a reliable vehicle to get you there. We want to make the application process fit your schedule, so you can apply online or schedule an appointment to apply at your nearest branch.

Perfect for your first car purchase
Loans for low credit scores or no credit
0.25% interest rate discount when you use Auto Transfer/Payroll Deduction
0.50% interest rate discount for 20% cash down payment of the vehicle purchase price

Personal Loan
What’s important to you? Your priorities are our priorities. From taking a vacation, upgrading your appliances, to consolidating debt, getting a personal loan is a great solution. If you’re ready to get the personal loan that helps you do more, we’re ready to assist:

Funds can be used for any purpose
Save money while achieving your goals
Quick and simple application process
Use our loan calculators to research your options
See the additional loan protection we provide

Share Secured Loan
HawaiiUSA allows you to borrow money against the deposits you hold in your HawaiiUSA FCU Savings account. The money you borrow against continues to earn dividends and grow in value. It’s the best of both worlds to help you achieve what matters most.

Green Loan
If a photovoltaic (PV) system is part of your home improvement plans, HawaiiUSA’s Green Loans can provide the financing. You can save money and reduce your environmental impact with a solar energy project. Our solar-focused home improvement loans will give you the financial boost.

Flexible terms and low rates fixed up to 15 years
No payments for the first six months*
No mortgage lien required
No home equity or appraiser costs
Quick and easy processing

Student Loans
We want to help you succeed academically. When you’ve exhausted your federal student loan, scholarship and grant options, HawaiiUSA’s Student Choice Loans bridge the financial gap so you can focus on your classwork. A good college education goes a long way in life, and with our Student Choice Loans, you can spend more time studying and less time worrying about paying tuition. Our competitive rates make these loans a smart option for your finances.

Funds can be used for tuition, housing, textbooks, transportation and other school-related expenses
No origination fees
Long 25-year repayment period
Flexible deferred payment program available
One-time application process, even if you borrow funds multiple times during your college career

Credit Cards
HawaiiUSA’s array of VISA® credit card options enables you to find the card that fits your lifestyle and financial goals. We make the application process quick and easy so you can receive the spending power you need from a reliable credit card.

SBA Loans
HawaiiUSA’s commitment to the community extends to supporting your small business with SBA Loans administered by us and backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration. You can get the financing your small business needs to grow stronger and more profitable. With U.S. Small Business Administration guaranteed financing options, you can get the assistance you need to achieve your business goals using loans with business-friendly rates. Contact us today to learn more!

Allow HawaiiUSA to find the loan option that fits your business:
SBA 7(a) loans for up to $5 million can be used by eligible for-profit businesses for commercial real estate, construction or renovation, purchase of machinery or equipment, purchase of furniture or fixtures, working capital, inventory, line of credit, refinancing existing debt, and purchasing eligible businesses
SBA 504 loans must be used for fixed asset projects such as purchasing land and improvements, including existing buildings, grading, street improvements, utilities, parking lots and landscaping, and construction of new facilities. No investment property. Must be owner user property only
Terms vary for each loan
Our experienced business lenders will explain your options and find a small-business loan rate that works for you

Business Auto Loans
When you need to expand your business fleet or you need a new vehicle for business use, HawaiiUSA’s Business Auto Loan delivers for you. Our financing options save you money while getting you on the road and back to business faster. When you need vehicles for your business, you can trust HawaiiUSA to provide a business auto loan that’s structured to benefit you and your finances.

Available for new, used and specialty vehicles
Choose from a variety of terms at competitive rates
Refinance an existing business auto loan for a lower rate
Use our car loan calculators to research your options

Business Loans & Lines of Credit
HawaiiUSA provides commercial loans and lines of credit to support your small business. Whether you’re financing major, one-time business expenses or you need short-term working capital, we can help you find the right answer at a competitive rate.

Commercial loans are ideal for big purchases such as vehicles, machinery or equipment while business lines of credit provide access to funds, as needed, for more convenience and reduced hassle. Our competitive rates help you move your business forward. Use our loan calculators to research your options, and see the additional loan protection options we provide.

Business Loans:
Choose from fixed or variable rates
Various term options provide repayment flexibility
Make your payments online, over the phone or at our branches

Business Lines of Credit:
Access your money through your existing HawaiiUSA FCU Business Checking account and set up automatic payments
Features variable rates and various repayment terms
Provides automatic overdraft protection on your business accounts
Delivers instant financing when you need it

Application Process

Application Criteria:
Must be a United States citizen or permanent resident
Must be a HawaiiUSA member
Must not have owned or had any interest in a principal residence, within or outside the state of Hawaii
Must be an owner-occupant and use subject property as your primary residence

Repayment Terms

Initial Fixed-Rate HELOC Options
1 year
Initial Fixed Rate (APR) 0.75%
Current Variable Rate (APR) 4.50%
2 year
Initial Fixed Rate (APR) 1.75%
Current Variable Rate (APR) 4.50%
3 year
Initial Fixed Rate (APR) 2.75%
Current Variable Rate (APR) 4.50%

Term: 15 year (5-year draw period with a 15-year amortization)
Credit Limit: $10,000 to $500,000
Minimum Advance: $250

Personal Loans
Loan Term 12-72 months
APR as low as 6.00%

New Auto Loans
Up to 125% Financing
Loan term Up 36-84 months
APR 2.75%-4.50%

Used Auto Loans
Up to 115%
Loan Term 36-72 months
APR 2.75%-4.25%

Home Equity Line of Credit
Owner-Occupied property; Maximum Limit $500,000, Variable Rate Adjusts quarterly
APR 4.50%

Home Improvement Loan & “Green” Home Improvement Loan
Minimum Loan Amount $5,000-$15,000
APR 5.75%-8.75%
Up to 180 months

Customer Support

Oahu: (808) 534 4300
Toll-free: (800) 379 1300

Call Center Hours:
Monday-Friday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 8:00 am – 2:30 pm

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