RapidAdvance is committed to success: success for our clients, success for our employees and success for our company. We are a place where everyone’s voice is heard and where communication flows across all levels of the company – from the employees to the executives.

Our culture is built on a highly energetic team of people who are dedicated to entrepreneurialism. This model gives people a chance to make bigger, earlier and more frequent contributions than would be the case in many companies. This is an integral part of our belief that how we work together and develop as people and as an organization is as important as what we produce. Our entrepreneurial spirit infuses everything we do. We aspire to make a difference and succeed because we are different. We bring a customized approach, a fresh insight, an uncommon passion to the world of business lending.

This internal culture directly correlates to how we interact, support and serve our clients. Small business owners embody the entrepreneurial spirit, and so do we. We serve America’s small businesses, helping them grow and positively impact the communities they serve.

Loan Features

At RapidAdvance, supporting business owners with simple and convenient alternative financing solutions is at the very core of what we do. In understanding the challenges of obtaining funds through traditional methods, we provide small businesses with flexible, easy-to-implement immediate working capital.

As a trusted direct lender with over $1 billion in financing to thousands of small businesses nationwide, we take pride in promoting growth and stability through our experience and extensive programs. Explore how your business can benefit from our suite of financing solutions below.

Loans Small Business Loans
Our flexible Small Business Loan Program is perfect for businesses seeking more than just a traditional loan. We differ from traditional small business loans in that we do not require lengthy applications, documentation, or deny your application based on stringent FICO scores. With our Small Business Loan Program, you can expect approval in just a few hours, and funds deposited into your account in as fast as one day.

When you’re browsing for small business loans, here are some of the types you’ll likely run into:

Working-capital loans give small businesses the ability to keep operations going while they increase their revenue streams.
Equipment loans provide financing for office equipment, tools, computers and mobile devices, machinery and vehicles necessary for running your business.
Professional practice loans help service providers in industries such as legal, accounting, insurance, health care and others to purchase real estate, renovate office space or refinance debt.

Merchant Cash Advance Merchant Cash Advance
RapidAdvance Merchant Cash Advance Program is an innovative financing solution that provides you with the working capital you need in exchange for a percentage of your future Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX Credit Card sales. Reap the benefits of our flexible and affordable repayments, as they are determined by your daily cash flow and are automatically applied to your remaining balance.

Credit Line of Credit
At RapidAdvance, we understand the need for business owners to have access to different amounts of funds, at different times and for different purposes. Our Line of Credit program allows you to do just that and more. Get approved for larger amounts of capital, but only incur cost on funds you draw.

Bridge Loan SBA Bridge Loan
Business owners expecting a loan from the SBA are often confronted with obstacles that require fast, short-term access to capital. Whether you need assistance with payment to vendors, suppliers or past due taxes, our SBA Bridge Loan Program is here to help. We will bridge the gap of the SBA loan process, and provide you with the funds you need to overcome your obstacles.

Application Process

In just three easy steps, you can access the right financing solution for your business. Our application and approval process will allow you enough time, effort and energy to focus on what matters to you the most- your business!

1. Complete the form
Click to request a free quote, and an Account Executive will contact you shortly after to discuss your options.

2. Get approved in 24 hours
Our streamlined application process allows us to provide you with a decision within 24 hours

3. Receive funds in 3 days!
Once approved, it’s an easy transition. You can expect the funds to be deposited into your account in just 3 days!

While every organization has unique needs, they may have one thing in common- the need for funds to expand their business. From bars to night clubs to construction and transportation companies, RapidAdvance has the proven track record, staff and resources to help your business succeed.

Application requirements:
US citizen
Personal credit score of 500+
Monthly revenue of $5,000+
Operational 24+ months
Business checking account
Business bank statements from previous 3 months

Repayment Terms

Min Loan Amount $5,000
Max. Loan Amount $1,000,000
Maximum Loan Term 1.5 years
With monthly fees starting at 1.25% of the original funding amount, qualified borrowers can get more loan for less money.

Customer Support

Phone: 866-224-1162

4500 East West Highway
6th Floor
Bethesda, MD 20814
Phone: (800) 631-3370

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