USALLIANCE Financial is a multi-faceted $1+ billion institution currently serving over 100,000 members worldwide, including the employees of American Express, PepsiCo, and IBM. As a full-service not-for-profit financial institution, we offer a full range of checking, savings, credit cards, and loan products as well as various online banking services.

We got our start in 1966 with a love for technology as a credit union for IBM employees, but since then we’ve expanded our reach across the Northeast corridor. We also provide financial membership services for many great organizations such as ASCAP, AOPA, Tread Lightly, and the New York Historical Society, just to name a few. Our members have access to 6,000 branch facilities and 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the country, in addition to USALLIANCE’s mobile banking app that was recently recognized by Finovate as one of the best in the industry.

We are also an industry leader in providing new electronic services to members, such as online, mobile and tablet account and loan opening, Apple Pay, checking balances on the Apple Watch, and more.

Loan Features

Home Loans
Our Team of licensed lending professionals are ready to assist you every step of the way with your financing needs, whether you’re a first time homebuyer or a seasoned homeowner. Our online tools and knowledgeable staff will help you find the mortgage or home equity product that best meets your budget.

Fixed Rate Mortgage
Up to 97% financing for most properties and mortgage products Loans with less than 20% down payment, or refinanced loans with less than 20% equity in the property will require private mortgage insurance. May also be used to purchase and refinance primary and second homes. Borrowers may choose either a fixed or an adjustable rate loan with up to 30 years to repay.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
ARMs are great for homebuyers who plan to trade up in future years because interest rates generally begin lower than fixed rate mortgages. An Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) features a variable interest rate, which is periodically adjusted, based on the change in a financial index, plus a margin that is established at origination. Interest rate changes are limited or capped at each adjustment and for the life of the loan. ARMs may provide the security, flexibility and affordability prospective home buyers desire. 5/1, 5/5, 7/1, 10/1, and 15/1 adjustable rate mortgages for conforming and jumbo loan amounts. Each ARM product has their own index, margin, and caps. The initial interest rate is fixed for a certain period.

Jumbo Loans
If you find yourself requiring financing greater than what a conventional loan can provide, we can help. Repayment options also vary, enabling you to select a mortgage that fits your budget. Minimum down-payment or equity requirement as low as 20%. Eligible Property Types: Owner Occupied 1-4 Unit Primary Residences and 1 Unit Second/Vacation Homes (Investor Properties and Coops are not eligible). Super Jumbo Loan Amounts of $1,500,001+ available. Minimum Credit Score (FICO) 680*.

Construction-to-Perm Loans
Whether you are building your new dream home from the ground up or planning to renovate or expand your current one, a construction-to-permanent loan from USALLIANCE is a great foundation.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)
Your home can be the key to your next loan. Well qualified borrowers can borrow up to 90% of the value of your primary residence, using that home as collateral.

Borrow up to 90% of the value of your primary residence
Flexible terms with competitive rates
Potential tax deductions
Use your HELOC to cover any expense

Home Equity Loan
If you prefer the peace of mind of a fixed interest rate, our Home Equity Loan is the option for you.

Borrow up to 90% of the value of your primary residence
Flexible terms with competitive rates
Potential tax deductions
Use your Home Equity Loan to cover any expense

Credit Cards
Let’s find the MyLife credit card that best fits your lifestyle. Our credit cards each have their own unique features (more about that below) but they share some important ones such as:

24/7 fraud protection tracking to keep an eye out for unusual (and suspicious) activity.
Account Alerts to help you better manage your credit account. Choose either email or text delivery.
Access your credit account from our nationally recognized Mobile Banking app.
Get your monthly credit score absolutely FREE on Mobile Banking.
Get auto rental coverage for damage, collision and theft.
Buy with confidence – our cards offer extended warranty coverage.

Credit Builder Loan
Take out a small loan and make monthly payments to re-build your credit. Your credit builder loan can be quite small or more substantial, depending on your individual needs.

Debt Consolidation
Get financially fit by moving your high-interest loan balances into a single low-rate loan. As its name would suggest, a debt consolidation loan incorporates all of your outstanding debt into a single payment, which becomes lower than your previous ones. You can potentially save thousands over the life of the loan.

Signature Line of Credit
This revolving line of credit is accessible whenever you need it. It may be used to cover you when you overdraw, or for any special purpose. Your funds are available whenever you need them for a small commitment fee. Funds will automatically be advanced from your available line of credit. Use the funds in the event that you overdraft. An overdraft line of credit from can provide peace of mind. Funds are automatically transferred from your line of credit to your checking account and can cover expenditures that an available balance cannot.

Boat Loans
Shopping for a boat can be stressful. Financing it shouldn’t be. With marine financing from USASPECIALTY Lending, you’ll be on the waves in no time! Whether you’re buying new, used, or even refinancing, our low rates and nationwide service make it quick and easy.

RV Loans
Hit the Road with Motorized RV Financing Tailored for You. Whether you’re a day-tripper or a long-haul veteran buying new, used, or looking to refinance, USASPECIALTY can help you get on the road.

Auto and Motorcycle Loans
A loan that gets you where you want to go. For both new and used vehicles.

Personal Loans
The loan for any reason. Take a vacation. Plan your wedding. Redecorate. Whatever you want to do, you can do – affordably. A personal loan allows you to borrow a specific amount of money and pay it back through regular monthly payments with no collateral to qualify. You can use your personal loan to fund a vacation, consolidate debt, pay for a major purchase or manage unanticipated bills.

Student Loans
The funds for your education now, with flexible re-payment options after you have your degree in hand.

Savings Secured Loans
If you need cash, dip into your savings without touching a cent. Pledge the funds in your account as collateral for a Savings Secured Loan.

Airplane Loans
Aircraft financing engineered for flight, leave your hassels and stress on the ground. With low rates and nationwide service USASPECIALTY Lending makes aircraft financing easy. Whether you’re buying new or looking to refinance, we’ll help you get cleared for takeoff.

Flight School Loans
We partner with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association to get you off the ground. We offer AOPA members the ability to put themselves through flight school with an affordable plan. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will walk you through the entire process.

Application Process

With our no obligation 2-step process, we’ll show you the possibilities without affecting your credit score. The Pre-Qualification application is for Auto, Personal and Credit Card loan products.

Required Information:

Personal Information (First Name, Last Name, valid Email Address, Phone Number, SSN, Date of Birth)
Correct residence address (Address, Zip Code, City, State)

No Risk to Your Credit Score.

Repayment Terms

Savings Secured Line of Credit 6.24%V APR
Stock Secured Line of Credit 8.49%V
Stock Prime Line of Credit 6.75%V
Signature Line of Credit 11.24%V

Personal Loans
Personal Loan 0 to 24 Months 9.49%F
Personal Loan 25 to 36 Months 9.74%F
Personal Loan 37 to 48 Months 10.24%F
Personal Loan 49 to 60 Months 10.74%F
Personal Loan 61 to 72 Months 11.24%F
Personal Loan 73 to 84 Months 12.24%F

Vehicle Loans (Vehicles with more than 75,000 miles may be subject to additional restrictions.)
New/Used 0 to 36 Months 2.99%F
New/Used 37 to 60 Months 3.24%F
New/Used 61 to 72 months 3.99%F
New/Used 73 to 84 months (2014+ only) 4.49%F

Specialty Collateral (Boats/RVs/Aircraft)
Boats/RVs/Aircraft Apply today. Rates as low as 4.49% APR. Rates based on credit and collateral considerations.

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