We are a committed dedicated team of professionals providing a payday loan services. We connect applicants to a direct payday lenders. We have a network of hundreds of direct lenders. We’ve been providing quality service for over a decade. We do not except applications from military personal. It is against the law to provide loans to military personal over 36% APR.

We’re here for you in those situations when you need cash urgently. When you’ve run out of answers for finding that fast cash solution, look no further than Spotya!. If you’re trying to get a Cash Advance Online, in most cases Spotya! can find you the payday lender that will meet your short-term financial need.

A payday loan should only be used when a cash emergency arises. Never use a payday loan until you have exhausted all other options. Interest rates are high and can cause more damage than good. Borrow only what you need.

You can apply right here, right now, for your online cash advance, so you never have to leave the comfort of home. If you apply now your application can be approved in minutes and will deposit into your bank account by the following business day. Your payment will then become due the next business day.

And don’t worry if your credit rating isn’t quite up to par. We connect credit challenged applicants to our lenders. If your qualifications do not match their lending qualifications, Spotya! will continue the search for a direct lender on your behalf.

So if you’re facing a cash crisis that won’t wait until your next payday then fill out our easy online application form and get all the benefits that come with a payday advance:

Simple and secure online application
Fast & easy approval
Cash deposited to your account by next business day
No hidden application fees or credit checks
Payday loan 100% online connection
Legendary customer service

Loan Features

Payday Loan
Spotya! is here to make getting a payday loan simple and stress-free and without the hassle of lengthy applications. We can find you the lender you’re looking for. In most cases pre-approval in minutes for overnight funding. Get started now with our easy online application!

Are you experiencing difficult financial times and need a way to put some extra cash in your bank account? Spotya! is here to help! We partner with Lending Leaves LLC to bring you hassle-free payday loans that are simple, quick, convenient and offer the most competitive rates in the industry. With an online application process that takes only minutes to apply and be approved, you can be on your way to having the cash you need quickly. Don’t let credit checks or tedious applications prevent you from applying for the payday loan you need. When we connect you to a Lending Leaves LLC or another direct lender, your credit history is not an issue which makes the online application is fast and easy.

Payday Advance
A payday advance can meet that short-term cash setback. Spotya! can provide you the direct payday lender who offers competitive rates, along with fast, fair, and friendly service.

Cash Advance
When you’re in need of some quick cash to see you through to payday, a Spotya! online cash advance service provider is your solution. By connecting you to a direct lender with competitive fees, cash online loan will cost you less than bounced check fees, an electrical reconnection charge or missing a day’s work because you can’t pay for those car repairs. Our 5-minute online cash advance service application is simple, secure, and 100% confidential. With Spotya! working as your cash advance servicing company, it’s that simple! Get started now from the convenience of your own home and let our friendly customer support reps help you access the cash you need.

Application Process

Unlike a bank, credit card or traditional loan, a payday loan can be obtained easily. At Spotya! Cash Advance Service, we make the application process fast and easy by connecting you to a direct lender. Our network of lenders gives you the best chance of handling that cash emergency. It’s our goal to provide you safe and secure, easy access on-line application experience to get you the money you need quickly. In most cases, if you apply today, you’ll have your money in your bank account the next business day.

1. Fill out the Spotya! online application
2. Wait a minute or two while we try to match you with a Payday Lender. Online approval takes only a few minutes.
3. Once we connect you with a lender, thoroughly review your documents.
4. Once you agree to the terms e-sign your document. Generally, your funds are in your account the following business day.

In order to apply, you will need a valid active checking or savings account, be 18 years of age or older and be a US resident. According to the Military Lending Act, military personal and family cannot apply. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, states that this law also applies to those in the National Guard, those in the reserve and covered dependents.

Repayment Terms

You can borrow up to $1,000 through a Spotya! short term loan or cash advance, although the maximum amount depends on your income as well as the applicable state laws. Spotya!, is NOT a payday lender or cash advance service provider. It’s our goal to gather your information for the purpose of finding you a lender that will meet your needs in a matter of minutes.

The terms of your loan is decided by YOUR lender and not by Spotya!. Your Lender will provide you with exact rates, fees, and APR (annual percentage rates). Each state’s regulations vary in rates, APR, and terms. If your are matched with a lender and your loan is approved. Your lender will provide you with documentation of all interest and fees you will incur, as required by the Truth in Lending Act. Once you agree to the terms you will be sent to an e-signature page for your final approval. Your loan is then processed and funded.

In most cases, your fees will range from ten ($10) dollars to ($25) dollars per hundred borrowed depending on the state your borrowing in. In most cases, your loan will be debited from your next pay date. If your next pay date is less than seven (7) days out, some lenders will extend your loan out to the following pay date. But as always it will be determined by your lender. Again we strongly advise reading all your documentation as with any loan. Interest can range from 200% to over 1300% APR (annual percentage rate)

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