SWIFT Money Loan is one of America’s leading personal lender networks. Since 2014, SWIFT has been connecting hundreds of thousands of consumers with opportunities to review lending offers from cash advance, short-term installment, and term-based personal loan providers. While there are many sites that promise quick cash in an emergency or easy approvals, SWIFT focuses on providing a simple and safe destination for consumers to receive available loan offers through our growing network of personal lenders and advertisers.

While SWIFT is not a lender, or direct provider of loans, broker or endorse of any specific provider, we do pride ourselves in being a valuable financial resource to our customers. Our overall goal is to provide quality loan offers to consumers needing cash, and to do so swiftly.

Loan Features

SWIFT is a lender-connection service that simplifies the process of securing a payday loan by connecting you with a lender from its network best suited to your needs. The types of credit that may be available will be determined by the lender. SwiftMoneyLoan will share your information with our network of participating lenders and advertisers. Not all who apply for credit will be chosen by a lender or approved for credit. If you are chosen, the lender may ask you to complete a brief loan application and may run a credit check using a specialized credit bureau.

If you are not chosen by a lender, we may offer you opportunities to submit your information to other networks. These networks are not affiliated with Pomo One Marketing, Inc. Some lenders may be tribally owned, may charge higher interest rates, and their loan agreements may be governed by the laws of their tribe. Please review the terms of their privacy policies before you share your information.

The amount of credit you would be approved to receive would be based on the information you supply in your application and a lender’s underwriting criteria. Lenders may use different criteria to determine eligibility. Typically, however, approved first time applicants receive $200 to $1,000; approved returning applicants may be approved for credit up to $1,200.

Application Process

The lenders who participate in our referral service will have their own criteria to determine whether an applicant is eligible for a loan. Typically, however, you must be at least 18 years old, employed or have regular income, and satisfy the lender’s underwriting requirements.

If you are chosen by a lender and are approved for credit, you will be offered credit on terms set by that lender. Typically, if you agreed to the credit terms and choose electronic deposit, you could have cash in your account as soon as the next business day. It will only take seconds to be paired with a lender. Not all who apply for credit will be paired with a lender or approved for credit.

Repayment Terms

SwiftMoneyLoan does not charge a fee to use this website. We collect your information and share it in our network in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you are chosen by a lender and are offered credit, the annual percentage rate (APR), fees and charges will be disclosed by the lender when you are chosen, and may vary depending on the lender and type of credit offered. If you are chosen by a lender, you should review the terms of the offer carefully.

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