We believe that people who own luxury assets should be able to borrow against them with speed, privacy, and impeccable service.

For too many people, much-needed liquidity – required to seize opportunities or address unplanned events – is trapped in these lovely but illiquid luxury assets. Banks don’t typically provide these loans. Nor do auction sites, galleries or antique dealers.

Borro does. We transfer funds swiftly and we store your items in locations that are used by museums and auction houses. We will arrange for the collection of your luxury assets or you can bring them yourself to one of our valuation centers for appraisal by one of our experts. We have in-house appraisers and a network of over 300 accredited specialist appraisers worldwide.

While conducting our business, we always strive to:

1. Conduct our business with integrity
2. Conduct our business with due skill, care and diligence
3. Take reasonable care to organize and control our business practices responsibly and effectively
4. Pay attention to the interests of our customers and to treat them fairly
5. Pay attention to the information needs of our clients and communicate information to them in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading
6. Take reasonable care to ensure the suitability of our advice and discretionary decisions for any clients who are entitled to rely upon our judgment
7. Arrange adequate protection for clients’ assets when we are responsible for them

Loan Features

Sale Advance Loans
Provides an initial advance of capital while Borro experts manage the auction sale of your luxury assets and maximize the sale value for you. Borro will provide clients with an advance for up to 70% of the estimated sale price of their luxury asset. You can quickly get the funds that you need without rushing into a sale.

ASSETS WE ACCEPT: Luxury watches, Jewelry & Diamonds, Fine Art & Antiques, Luxury Cars, Gold & Precious Metal, Fine Wine, Luxury Handbags.

Bridge Loans
Enables the use of your luxury assets to secure short term funding. No credit checks are needed and assets are returned upon loan repayment. Our in-house appraisers are world-class. They provide you with quick, accurate estimates so we can give you a loan offer without delay.

Exchange your luxury item for a short-term loan of up to six months. Loan proceeds can be deposited to your account within minutes after you accept your loan offer. No time is wasted getting you the funds you need.

Term Loans
Enables the use of your luxury assets to borrow a minimum of $250,000 over a longer term. Interest rates from 0.99% per month. We offer loan terms of 18 to 36 months for individuals securing loans starting at $250,000.

We have an in-house valuations team along with an international network of 300 qualified appraisers, auction house specialists and experienced dealers so that we can provide you with accurate estimates in a timely manner. Loan proceeds can be deposited to your account within minutes after you accept your loan offer. No time is wasted getting you the funds you need.

Application Process

Our application process is easy, fast and 100% private. It is designed to get you the maximum value in the minimum time. Apply online or by phone and our experts review and value your assets. Accept your offer and we advance up to 70% of the estimated selling price. We manage the sale of your luxury assets to maximise sale value for you

Borro offers 3 methods of appraisal. You can choose to send your items to Borro, take your items to Borro’s New York office or request an appraiser visit you at the site of your luxury item. Borro insures transporting your items, and once delivered and appraised, you’re offered a final loan amount.

Repayment Terms

Sale Advance Loans
Rates 1% to 2% monthly interest
Fees 15% to 20% sales commission
Term Varies

Bridge Loans
Rates 2.99% to 3.99% (up to 4.99% for California residents)
Fees Appraisal and logistics fee
Term 6 months

Term Loans
Rates Varies
Fees Annual service charge, appraisal and logistics fee, prepayment penalty
Term 18, 24 or 36 months

Customer Support

Borro Office & Valuation Center
767 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017

Monday – Thursday 9:00am-5:30pm ET
Friday 9:00am-4:30pm ET

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