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In 2002, Stanford Business School graduates Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh noticed a real problem: there were no consumer-friendly options for people struggling with debt. To solve that, they built Freedom Debt Relief. Their mission was to provide financial solutions, services, and education that enable people to reduce debt, build wealth, and achieve financial freedom.

By staying true to this mission, hiring the best employees in the industry, and providing exceptional service for clients, Freedom Debt Relief has grown to employ over 2,000 highly trained professionals and resolve debts for over 500,000 clients.

Loan Features

Our program is designed to resolve your debt for significantly less than you owe — as quickly as possible. Freedom Debt Relief could help you with debt from credit cards, medical bills, department store cards, and many other types of unsecured debt. Our program cannot help with a debt that involves collateral (like auto loans and mortgages). Also, we cannot resolve federal student loans. We do help with private student loans on a case-by-case basis.

1. Free debt evaluation
First, one of our friendly Certified Debt Consultants walks you through a range of debt strategies to help determine if our program could be the right solution for your debt. It’s a short, no-obligation phone call.

2. Customization
To help you succeed, we work with you to design a program that:
Could offer significant savings compared to making minimum payments
Enables you to resolve your debt in less time
Has a monthly program deposit you feel comfortable with

3. Your FDR program
Every step of the way, friendly customer service representatives are ready to answer questions and offer support.

Each month, you make a monthly deposit into an FDIC-insured Dedicated Account that you control. Your Dedicated Account is the engine that drives your program. As you build it, our negotiations team creates a custom strategy to get you the best settlements. You can track your Dedicated Account any time, using your online Client Dashboard.

FDR knows the best time to start negotiation, what type of settlement to negotiate, and how to leverage a settlement with one creditor to get a better settlement with another. We use this insight to create a negotiations strategy just for you. As soon as you build up enough funds in your Dedicated Account, we put this strategy into action and a member of our negotiations team contacts your creditors. Together, they discuss how much your debt could be reduced and arrange a settlement that offers the most savings possible.

Each time our negotiation experts reaches a settlement with one of your creditors, we immediately contact you for authorization. Your authorization is required for every single settlement.

4. Debt freedom
After the full settlement amount is paid on each account, your creditors should report to the credit rating bureaus that your accounts are either settled in full, settled, paid, paid by settlement, or settled for less than the full amount. Regardless of the term used, you no longer owe on any of your enrolled accounts once they are settled — their balances are zero. Your debt is behind you!

Overview of debt options
Many people find themselves struggling with huge debt and no way to manage it. A sudden change in income, emergency, or other unforeseen event can knock anyone off their financial feet. Here, we compare 5 different strategies for managing debt. For more in-depth information about how to control your debt, download our free debt management guide.

Credit counseling
A counselor reviews your financial situation, sets up lower interest rates with your creditors if possible, and creates a debt management plan for you to follow.

Debt consolidation
You take out one loan to pay off all your debt. This loan may carry a lower interest rate than your debts. You make fixed monthly payments on the loan until it is paid off.

Cash-out refinance
Requires you to work with a mortgage lender. You refinance your mortgage, taking out additional cash beyond the mortgage balance. You use that money to pay your debts.

Debt settlement (What we do best)
Working with a company, you make monthly deposits into an account. The company negotiates with your creditors to accept less than the debt owed. That amount is then paid to creditors, from the account you deposited into, until the debt is resolved.

A legal process. All your assets are evaluated and used to pay off your debts. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are most common options used by individuals. Once bankruptcy is complete, you are relieved of the debt obligations you had before filing bankruptcy.

Do it yourself
Using various online and offline tools, you determine the exact payments required for each debt and track your progress as you go.

Application Process

Before you sign up, consider a risk-free debt relief consultation to see if the service is right for you. To do this, go to the site and click Get Your Free Evaluation. Follow the directions to enter information about your debt and how you can be contacted.

You can also start the process over the phone. The whole process can take less than a minute. If you qualify, a Certified Debt Consultant will help you design a payment program that is affordable but also allows you to settle your debt as soon as possible.

Repayment Terms

In our program, clients pay no fees whatsoever until a debt is negotiated. You will know when fees are charged because you will approve every deal. Once we reach a settlement with a creditor, we immediately contact you for authorization. After you authorize the settlement, the fee associated with the debt is processed. All fees associated with the program are included in the monthly savings quoted to you by a debt consultant. Our fees usually range from 18% to 25%, but your rate may vary depending on your state of residency.

A typical program runs between 24 and 48 months. Customers typically save between 15% and 35% from the debts they enroll in the program.

Customer Support

PO Box 2330
Phoenix, AZ 85002-2330


Certified Debt Consultants are available:
Mon–Fri 8 AM to 11:30 PM ET
Sat–Sun 9 AM to 9 PM ET

Customer Service Representatives are available:
Mon–Thur 8 AM to 9 PM ET
Fri 8 AM to 8 PM ET
Sat–Sun 10 AM to 8 PM ET

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