Our mission is to empower hardworking people and communities by providing access to affordably priced, responsibly constructed, and transparent loan products.

We accomplish our mission by partnering with leading companies to provide their best customers with access to our awesome loan products. As a valued customer of one of our partner companies, you can use our loans to pay bills, cover unexpected expenses, make a large purchase, or build your credit history. We take great care to make sure that all of our loan products follow the four guiding principles from our mission:

1. Empowering
Provide our customers a path to a better future
2. Transparent
Upfront, fixed, and easy to understand terms
3. Responsible
Features designed with our customer’s best interest in mind
4. Affordable
Charge rates that set our customers up for success

Loan Features

Lendify offers personal loans up to $2.500 with affordable fixed payments. The maximum loan size offered by Lendify may vary by state. To see the minimum and maximum loan sizes offered in your state, please visit our Rates & Terms page. The maximum amount that you will be approved to borrow may be lower than the maximum loan size offered in your state and will depend on the specifics of your loan application.

Lendify loans typically have APRs between 30% and 60%. The exact APR and cost of your loan will depend on a number of factors including, but not limited to, the size of your loan, the specifics of your application and credit file, the state you live in, and if you have had a Lendify loan before. There aren’t any hidden fees. However, Lendify loans do have 3 fees that you should be aware of:

Loan processing fee: Depending on the state you live in, this fee may have several different names including, but not limited to: Administrative Fee, Acquisition Charge, or Origination Fee. No matter what the name is though, this fee is charged at the time you take out your loan and is meant to cover the costs associated with processing your loan. In most cases, this fee is not refundable. This fee is always disclosed upfront as part of the Total Cost and APR of your loan.

Late payment charge: Late charges are small fees applied to your account when you miss a normally scheduled payment by a week or more.

Bounced payment charge: Bounced payment charges are small fees applied to your account when a check payment or an electronic payment fail for any reason.

The exact sizes and rules for each of the above 3 fee depend on the state you live in and are always clearly explained in Lendify’s loan agreements. If you decide to take out a Lendify loan, please be sure to check your loan agreement for exact fee details.

Application Process

The Lendify loan application can be completed in less than 10 minutes! How long it takes to get the money from your loan totally depends on the loan payout option you choose. Some of our payout options make money available in a little as 15 minutes while others can take up to 3 to 5 business days.

The main requirement to apply for a Lendify loan is that you have to have received a marketing offer addressed to you. Beyond that, you must be at least 18 years old, live in a state or area where our products are offered, have a stable source of verifiable income, and meet our other criteria for credit at the time of application.

Repayment Terms

The loan terms below are examples of current loan terms offered by Lendify.
Loan Term 7 months
Finance Charges $93
APR 56%
Payment Amount (every 14 days) $41
Late Fee $4.62

Loan Term 11 months
Finance Charges $255
APR 49%
Payment Amount (every 14 days) $53
Late Fee $4.62

Loan Term 15 months
Finance Charges $413
APR 39%
Payment Amount (every 14 days) $59
Late Fee $2.95

You will pay a late payment charge if any part of a payment is unpaid for 10 days after it is due. If you make your payments early, you will pay less finance charges. You may cancel a loan by the end of the business day following the day the loan is made.

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