At LoanMart, we have a three-part mission that aims to provide an unparalleled customer experience while being a financially responsible company.

1. Our customer service mission is devoted to identifying and addressing our customer needs. You are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the difficulties of getting through financial emergencies and strive to set an example in the lending industry with how much we care.
2. Our education mission compels us to empower you with accurate and useful financial resources. It is important to us that you are armed with everything you need to make well-informed financial decisions.
3. Our security mission drives us to remain vigilant in protecting your personal information.

This mission is what makes us the leading auto title loan provider on the West Coast.

Our Business
Let’s be real—we know the reputation that our industry has. But with LoanMart, forget everything you’ve heard before about auto title loans. We set out in this business to change it for the better. We didn’t get where we are today by running our company like others do. At LoanMart, we care about you. This is the difference that makes us the leading auto title loan lender on the West Coast.

LoanMart has been a trusted resource for more than a decade with over 150,000 happy and satisfied customers2. Whether you are a single parent trying to make this month’s bills, LoanMart can help get you get the money you need quickly to keep living your life.

Being a large, non-traditional lender lets us make our own rules. We make our process flexible and more accessible than other lenders. We want to help as many different people as possible and accommodate our loans to their unique situations when we can. Often, we are able to do this in 24 hours or less.

Our hallmark is our unique relationship with our customers. Our customers like that we build an understanding and non-judgmental connection to people who need money. Other lenders may have bland title loan companies, but we listen compassionately and offer hope through our title loans.

Our Values
LoanMart has an outstanding reputation in the auto title loan industry because of our values:

LoanMart is a financially responsible organization that provides superior service and support to help its customers be the same.

Our success is rooted in our commitment and dedication to our employees.

The last thing we want to do is repossession. We work with our customers to avoid it. We’re not in this business with a goal to take away people’s cars.

Our safe and ethical business practices have stayed the same since the beginning and have helped us become the most reliable auto title loan lender.

We strive to give back and remain a positive influence on the communities we work in.

Loan Features

LoanMart proudly serves the states of Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina and Utah. As long as you have a car title in those states and the ability to repay the loan, LoanMart may be able to give you the money you need in as little as the next business day.

A LoanMart auto title loan allows you to borrow money against your car, even if you have bad credit. An auto title loan is uses the title of your car as collateral. The amount you can borrow is based on the appraised value of your vehicle and your ability to repay the loan. LoanMart keeps the title of your car, but you continue driving while you repay.

Auto title loans are typically repaid more quickly than traditional bank loans and come with much higher finance charges. Payments are done in installments, and like a payday loan, an auto title loan is not a long-term financial solution.

Because you use your car title as collateral, if you are unable to repay for any reason, you could risk losing your car. Weigh the pros and cons carefully before you decide to make sure you make the right financial decision for you.

Emergency cash
A quick $2,500 in emergency cash can help you get out of a tight spot so you can go back to focusing on the more important things in life. According to a recent study, 8 in 10 Americans are carrying some form of debt or another, so you’re not alone. But, a loan of $2,500 is enough to help most people get ahead. LoanMart understands that life happens – whether it’s a medical emergency, or a new baby- it can all take a toll on you and your wallet. We help you deal with life on your life’s terms. After a decade in this business, we know just how far a loan of $2,500 can go. Here are four of the most common ways we support people every day—because, hey, we can all use help sometimes.

Application Process

You can complete and submit an application online or over the phone, and if you need help, customer service is available via online chat.

Eligibility criteria:

Live in one of the following states: AL, AZ, IL, MO, NM, SC or UT
Be at least 18 years old (varies by state)
Be a citizen or permanent resident of the US
Have a vehicle that is paid-off or almost paid-off
Have verifiable income

Required information:

Your complete name, phone number, email address and residential address
The year, make and model of the vehicle you wish to use as collateral and its mileage
Proof of income (paycheck stubs, invoices or bank account statements)
Proof of residence (a piece of recent mail like a utility bill)

Repayment Terms

Min Loan Amount $1,000
Max. Loan Amount $50,000
Loan Term 1-5 years

We are highly competitive and aggressive because we know you have options. We try to make each loan work out so that your payments are not a burden. The rules of borrowing are different in each state. So, our interest rates can change depending on where you live and our agreed terms. LoanMart’s annual interest rates range between 60% and 222%. A typical loan of $2500 at 90% interest over the course of the average term of 18 months would give you a monthly payment of $257.57. Then, the total scheduled interest on this loan would be $2136.26. The interest on a loan may also depend on if the payments are made on time. Remember that you can cut that interest down by prepaying your loan at any time.

Customer Support

Phone : 1-877-787-4923

Business Hours :
Monday – Friday: 8AM – 6PM PST
Saturday: 8AM – 5PM PST
Sunday: CLOSED

Email :

Mailing Address :
Wheels Financial Group, LLC dba LoanMart
P.O. Box 8075 Van Nuys, CA 91409

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