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Education Loan Finance is a student loan debt consolidation program offered by SouthEast Bank, which is based in Tennessee, designed to assist borrowers through consolidating outstanding education loans into one single loan that effectively lowers your costs of education and/or makes repayment very simple.

With over 30 years of experience in the student loan industry, our management team knows what recent graduates need: manageable payments, affordable rates, and flexible terms. Education Loan Finance – backed by the strength of SouthEast Bank – combines the benefits of traditional education loan financing with the superior products, service, and support found in the private market.

Loan Features

You’ve worked hard to obtain your college degree, and Education Loan Finance’s mission is to help you lower the costs of that education and make the payments far less complex. If you are like a lot of graduates, you may have several student loans owed to the federal government and private lenders. Our innovative student loan refinancing solutions can help by reducing your monthly payments today or saving on interest throughout the life of the loan and allowing you to make one simple payment for one single loan that has consolidated ALL of your outstanding education loans.

We’re different from other companies offering student loan debt consolidation. We are not a startup company and have over 3 decades of experience in the student lending business. Our experienced team understands the complex nature of the student loan industry. We continue to offer scholarships (over $18 million to date) for students and we continue to provide free scholarship searches and provide financial literacy for borrowers.

Education Loan Refinancing
Our process is streamlined to provide you with a customized loan amount and repayment plan that fits your needs and is delivered in one easy monthly payment. Education Loan Finance borrowers never pay application fees, origination fees, or prepayment penalties. Refinancing your student loans with Education Loan Finance is already rewarding, but we have an extra reason for you to speed up the process.

Parent Loan Refinancing
Parents can consolidate both private and PLUS loans originally taken out for their dependent students. At Education Loan Finance, we believe that parents who have assisted in financing their children’s college education also deserve the opportunity to find flexible repayment plans with competitive interest rates. Education Loan Finance offers refinance options for Parent PLUS or private education loans, with terms from 5-10 years.

Application Process

Before applying, we recommend you check out our blog post about what actions you should take prior to applying. To process your application and refinance your education loans, we will need copies of your most recent billing statements or payoff letters from each of your student loan servicers showing the following information: Nam, Account Number, Current balance or payoff amounts, Payment mailing address.

Please note that each statement should not be more than 30 days old. Additionally, if you plan to exclude some loans from a single servicer, you will need to provide sequence numbers, loan IDs, or any identifying number for each loan to be included in your refinance.

With comprehensive options for consolidating and refinancing student loans, Education Loan Finance is a leader in education loan refinancing. Just follow the 5 easy steps below.

Step 1. Introduce yourself
Simply fill out our application to let us know a little bit about you and get the ball rolling.

Step 2. Get prequalified
We’ll run your credit, ask a few questions, and offer a preliminary decision in minutes.

Step 3. Upload documents
We’ll just need a few more things and once verification is complete, if approved, you’ll receive a firm interest rate offer.

Step 4. Sign & set-up
Sign our loan agreement electronically and set up auto-debit payments.

Step 5. Sit back & relax
Enjoy the benefits that come from finding a student loan repayment plan that works with your budget.

Our streamlined application process makes the refinancing process easier and the repayment period less stressful. With just a few short steps, you too could enjoy the benefits of refinancing with the possibility of lower student loan consolidation rates or lower monthly payments. To speed up your student loan refinance, be sure to have current billing statements for each of your loans, your most recent pay stubs, W-2’s, a copy of your valid ID, and your billing account information ready.

Repayment Terms

Minimum Loan Amount $15,000
Maximum Loan Amount None
Loan Term 5-20 years
APR 2.69%–6.01%

Customer Support

1-844-601-ELFI (3534)
MONDAY-THURSDAY: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
FRIDAY: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
SATURDAY: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
All Hours are Eastern Time

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